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The Different Industries of Regulatory Compliance

Regulations aim to ensure that businesses conform to various requirements, such as safety standards and fair employment practices. Regulatory compliance refers to the goal of satisfying the various laws and regulations that govern how a business operates.

Before starting a business, you should be thoroughly acquainted with general business regulations and those that apply specifically to your industry.

Why Comply?

Businesses of all sizes need to take regulatory compliance seriously. It’s best to do this in the early development stages. Regulatory compliance failures can result in fines, launch delays, negative public image, recalls, and unsatisfied customers.

Regarding products and services, regulatory compliance is needed to guarantee proper creation and safe consumption. The regulation covers materials used, product performance, appropriate testing, maintenance of equipment, and shipping and storage, which is particularly stringent for frozen or chilled produce.

As new research, markets and technology emerge, regulatory compliance changes too. Because the marketplace is constantly evolving, it’s important to do your best to stay on top of changes to industry regulations. By ensuring that you are compliant, you can be sure that you are delivering quality products and services. You’ll also be able to avoid damaging, punitive action from regulatory bodies, as well as the potential for lost reputation and lost business.

Different Regulatory Compliance for Different Industries

Some industries are considered to need more monitoring than others. Sometimes there are so many laws and regulations that a business needs professional help to operate in the marketplace and make sure that they are within the law and accepted standards.

It’s important to remember that regulations are there to protect businesses, consumers, and the environment. When regulations are complex, it’s worth seeking to help to make sure that your firm is on the right side of the law.

The financial industry, for example, is increasingly regulated to protect the public and investors. This increased supervision and regulation of financial institutions has seen a significant restructuring of the industry, lower borrowing costs, and an increase in the variety of financial products available to consumers.

With increased digital storage of personal data, healthcare companies must demonstrate that they have taken steps to ensure patient privacy, including the use of adequate server security and encryption methods, requiring proper authorization to retrieve information, and responding to consumer requests to know what personal data is stored about them.

Any energy supplier must comply with strict regulations for safety and environmental protection. And government agencies follow detailed regulations regarding such things as equality and ethical staff behavior throughout their operations.

Regulatory compliance can be challenging, but it is imperative to stay on the right side of the law, to demonstrate your respect for your customers and employees, and it’s particularly important for those firms that trade internationally. Not only do different industries have different regulations, but your location and the countries you sell to need consideration, too.

Regardless of the location, companies that do not follow mandatory regulatory compliance practices may face repercussions in the form of remediation programs, significant fines, or audits and inspections. In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, regardless of the industry, every regulatory compliance failure can be damaging. This is especially the case with small and medium-sized enterprises that are attempting to build their brands.

Companies that consistently show a commitment to regulatory compliance are in a good position to build trust among their customers. They can become the example for other firms in their industry. Allow Grexo to help you stay committed in maintaining compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

Don’t Be Caught Unprepared: The Importance of Regulatory Compliance in Your Everyday Life

All companies, regardless of the industry, must comply with regulations. A good regulatory compliance program has positive benefits and outcomes for businesses, and they also protect the interests of clients. Regulations protect consumers’ rights, health, and safety, and ensure minimum standards for products and services. For some industries, they protect the environment. They also protect the rights of employees. Overall, they ensure that your business is achieving its goals safely and fairly.

Improved Efficiency

Every organization is looking to improve efficiency. Completing tasks more quickly and delivering quality products and services promptly makes for a good customer experience.

By being clear on regulations, an organization can save itself from unpleasant feedback from clients or, worse, punitive action from regulatory bodies, which can be damaging to a business’ reputation as well as its bottom line.

Businesses should ensure that staff is familiar with the legal framework in which the business operates, respecting the need for regulatory compliance. Training might be necessary to make sure that all employees are up-to-speed. The initial investment will be paid back. As a business owner, you will know that your product or service meets the requirements of regulatory bodies and you can run your business with peace of mind.

Implementing the required strategies to ensure regulatory compliance daily will harmonize your business processes. It’s much more efficient to work within regulations than have to fix an issue retrospectively. It avoids the aforementioned punitive action and can prevent business disruption.

Increased Quality

Business regulations aren’t there to make business more difficult. They exist to ensure that everyone is operating to certain standards, including safety and quality. When people do business with you, they expect certain standards, thanks in part to regulations.

Embrace the regulations! Aim to surpass their quality requirements not meet them, and you’ll be winning the hearts of clients left and right.

Trust and Branding

By consistently following a well communicated and effective regulatory compliance framework, a company shows its customers and stakeholders that it takes itself seriously. A company’s commitment to respecting ethical codes is good for its branding. It helps vendors, employees, and customers trust the firm. Enhanced trust means better brand loyalty.


Regulations help to keep the marketplace for any business healthy by ensuring that competition is fair. Regulation now prohibits many tactics that were once used to push competitors out of the market. This helps to avoid monopoly or near-monopoly situations, ensuring that consumers have a choice about their products and services.

Competition keeps businesses on their toes! While it can be a challenge to keep up with companies that have offerings similar to yours, healthy competition stimulates productivity and innovation.

More and more companies are focusing on their customers’ needs, which has encouraged creative and positive methods of improving bottom lines, rather than, say, increasing prices and lowering quality.

Regulatory compliance is important to the everyday life of both clients and companies. As a company, having the right regulatory compliance practices benefits your employees, customers, and the reputation of your business. It’s good business sense! At Grexo, we constantly look out for your company’s health – taking the burden of keeping up with regulatory changes off your shoulders. Give us a call or send us a message here if you’re ready to pass this challenge on to us.

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Seeking Personal Protection with the Best Cloud Storage

Small businesses needs the same level of protection for their private data as big corporations. Hackers don’t care about how many employees you have. They are just looking for the easiest, least protected route to valuable data. Big companies can afford to go with the best cloud storage platform running inside their own IT infrastructure, but small companies tend to move data protection and recovery plans way down on the priority list. Too often, that means that the easiest route for hackers leads directly to the SMBs.

A Slim Chance of Survival

Data loss is brutal. Research by Gartner found that 43 percent of companies that suffered a major loss of data had to close their doors immediately. Within two years, 96 percent of them were no longer in business. There’s too much at stake, especially your reputation, to lose it all in seconds when affordable cloud storage protection is readily available.

The problem goes way beyond just the threat of malicious attacks from cybercriminals. The next biggest dangers to your private data are accidents and natural disasters. Larger corporations are required by their insurance carrier to keep backups either in the cloud or on separate servers not used for business. Local backups are then locked away in dedicated rooms under tight security.

Energy Drinks and Hailstorms

For SMBs, backups happen irregularly or not at all. Many companies keep backups on the same server they use for business, which might be stuck in a closet or sitting right there on the owner’s desk.

One careless elbow and a spilled energy drink can wipe out years of hard work. You can be sure that variations of this scenario have played out countless times.

No amount of caution will stop a natural disaster, though. Fires, hailstorms and power surges hit everyone equally, but large enterprises have fail-safe plans in place. Now, thanks to cloud storage providers, SMB in every industry can afford that same kind of security.

That Doesn’t Look Like a Cloud

When you think about it, “the cloud” is a strange way to describe a series of massive buildings filled with dense metal servers. The reason it’s called “the cloud” is that data travels between servers on this giant network by whichever pathway is the most efficient at the moment. Not even the data center manager can point to the exact place that specific data is physically, or how it got there.

That cloudy uncertainty is exactly why the cloud is so powerful as a next-generation security platform. If disaster or a hacker hits any specific location, your data can move to a safer location at the speed of light, automatically. It’s essentially like having a series of backups that you can access but nobody else can touch.

Mountain Climbing as a Security Platform

In the old days, people used to climb mountains and hide their gold “in the clouds” to keep it safe. Today, data is gold and the cloud is still the safest place for it. Seek out the best cloud storage provider to protect your most valuable and private information about your customers, your financials and the future of your business.

Grexo can put together a security plan that makes sense for your business, including the power of the cloud for industrial-strength protection. No one can say what kind of threats you could be facing tomorrow, but a few clouds now will make your future a whole lot brighter.

best cloud storage

Recover Your Data with the Best Cloud Storage

If the alphabet soup of letters like MSP, IT and VoIP makes you want to toss your computer out the window and give up, it’s not your fault. You just need some help from a tech company that knows about more than just computers.

And if you’re ever in the throes of a major loss of data, the last thing you want is for someone to come at you with a lot of nonsensical acronyms or talk down to you. That’s why the business pros at Grexo make sure to speak to you like the intelligent human that you are, in language you already understand.

What Is the Cloud, Anyway?

If you know you need the cloud for your business but have been too embarrassed to ask for a basic definition, Grexo’s got you covered. Cloud storage is a snappy but somewhat misleading term for a system of databases big enough to hold your whole business’s filing system and all of its information. These giant computers aren’t your responsibility, though — they’re managed off site by tech gurus who love that stuff and know what they’re doing.

To connect to the off-site data, you use the internet — that’s the “cloudy” part of this system. The idea is that, instead of being tied to your data by hard wires or a thumb drive, your info is flying through the air over wireless connections in your office to a remote storage location. Someone called it “The Cloud,” and it stuck.

Why the Best Cloud Storage Is Your Best Shot at Data Recovery

Imagine your worst nightmare — computer-related, anyway — coming true as your computer crashes the night before a major presentation to the biggest potential client you’ve ever hoped to land. If you haven’t backed up your data, you’re toast.

Enter the magic of the cloud.

The best cloud storage will keep your data backed up and tucked safely away on those off-site servers — all you need is the help of your friendly IT pro to get to it. It’s often possible to recreate your whole server at lightning speed, so you don’t have to sort through inscrutable code or wait for hours to get at the thing you need. These capabilities eliminate downtime for your business, because you can get up and running after a natural disaster — at least your data will be there, even if your office is in shambles.

The Cloud Is Only as Strong as Its Support Team

With all of these benefits of the cloud for data backup and recovery, it’s important to remember that no computer can replace the human touch. Sure, the cloud keeps your data secure and accessible even when you’ve suffered a loss, but you can’t get to it on your own. That’s why it’s important to have a team of IT pros you can trust to be there for you whenever you need them — without the jargon and buzzwords that make your head spin.

The team at Grexo wants to work with your business, not just swoop in when you have a problem. With a complete care package, you’ll know that all of your internal business data and systems are in good hands, and that the best cloud storage is keeping your business up and running. With all of the tech taken care of, you can get back to what you do best: growing your business.

office 365 support

Using Grexo for Office 365 Support Maximizes Your IT Muscle

Microsoft Office 365 support can give your business several benefits. After installing it, your staff members will have web-enabled access to their email and important files no matter where they go. Other advantages include the software’s flexibility, improved security and – perhaps best of all – no need for you to have advanced IT knowledge. Office 365 provides great features, but problems may arise. In reality, a lot of small and medium businesses (SMBs) find they don’t know how to use all of the available tools. Even if they have an intermediate knowledge of the software, rare issues make it impossible for them to work efficiently. That’s why you need Office 365 support from Grexo to maximize your IT muscle.

Common Office 365 Support Problems Grexo Can Solve for You

Office 365 is a terrific software, but you may run into some common problems while using it. At first, you will need to migrate your existing files and contacts to the new system. Grexo will oversee this process to make sure every file makes it to the right place.

Some companies discover that Office 365 stops working when importing large amounts of data. If you’re trying to import more than 400GB in one day, you may encounter issues that we can help correct.

Many companies also find that they have difficulty deciding which add-ons they should purchase with their Office 365 support subscription. Grexo’s IT professionals will review your options and help you decide which ones will enhance your business operations. If you don’t need it, you shouldn’t pay for it. If it will add useful features that improve your business’ efficiency, our professionals can help you determine just that.

Benefits of Choosing Grexo

At Grexo, we a step-by-step process to diagnose your problems. Then, we leverage our expertise to solve that problem for you in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible. If you have an issue no one in the office has seen before, we’ll be the ones who search for answers excitedly because we love the thrill of new challenges.

When you choose Grexo, you get a group of committed professionals with experience working as entrepreneurs and IT specialists. Contact us for more information about how we can maximize your use of Office 365 support. The more effective the software, the easier it becomes for your business to reach its performance goals.

office 365 support

The Future of Microsoft Office is Here: Why You Should Have Office 365 Support

Productivity and Accessibility

In addition to having Microsoft Office in the cloud, your business benefits from Office 365, a set of Web-enabled tools for SMBs. Office 365 is easy to use and saves time and energy, enabling you to access documents from anywhere and on any device, such as PCs, tablets, or smartphones. On top of that Office 365 is easy to use – you don’t need to learn how to use new software or install complicated systems. Your company will always be running with the latest version of Office products. Because upgrades are taken care of automatically, compatibility issues are eliminated, freeing users to focus on their jobs.

Communication and Collaboration

With Office 365 support, SMBs can leverage Microsoft’s vast experience in creating successful online solutions that connect both customers and colleagues. Your company will excel with the variety of communication and collaboration tools offered by Office 365:

  • Online meetings via video conferencing
  • Business email
  • Document collaboration
  • Shared calendars and contacts
  • Instant messaging

Hence, this software surpasses rival versions of Microsoft Office. Never before have online tools for teamwork been so indispensable as Office 365, which supports content-sharing of files stored in the cloud.

Security and Safety

You won’t have to worry about safety with Office 365 support. Microsoft authorizes 24-hour data protection for all of your files, including documents and emails. Certified according to industry standards, Office 365 lets you control security permissions for document access and viewing purposes. Consequently, your IT teams will gain freedom to help users as Microsoft closely monitors security.

Availability and Flexibility

If you have a favorite Microsoft program, like Excel or PowerPoint, you can work with it within Office 365. One noticeable change is that these programs are now online. In other words, these preferred applications are seamlessly integrated with enterprise software in the cloud with 99.9% availability. To help your business, Microsoft also provides a pay-as-you-go pricing option for Office 365 that ensures great predictability as well as flexibility.

Nowadays, SMBs are focusing on more efficient ways to conduct their business. Working smarter in the digital age means using enterprise software in the cloud. Office 365 support is your solution for seamless integration of Microsoft Office programs and Web-enabled tools to grow your business.

Office 365 Support by Grexo

Office 365 is designed to be user-friendly, but when rolling it out across a large organization there are bound to be teething difficulties. Grexo can provide support to help you get started with Office 365 and integrate its applications with your existing IT systems. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help your organization adopt Office 365.

workflow automation

Collaboration from Anywhere: Why Automating Your Workflow is the Best Idea for Your Business

Looking to slash your business operating costs? Check out how workflow automation can improve the way you run your business and get tasks completed.

Workflow automation often focuses on how we use documents. Enabled by technology, it has the power to streamline communication and simplify your workflow. The main advantages of automating your workflow is that it’s cost-efficient and less susceptible to error.

Workflow automation simplifies repetitive, labor-intensive activities. At the same time, it removes redundant tasks. Your staff will then have more time for work that is relevant to their core skills. An experienced IT services company will tailor workflow automation to their client’s business requirements. They will integrate it with their client’s existing IT infrastructure, and can even extend its functionality.

How Workflow Automation Software Gives You More For Less

Tasks ideal for workflow automation are: order fulfillment, inventory management, shipping, purchasing, and billing. Automation design involves mapping the current work practices of a business. These practices are then streamlined to form a chain of core business processes known as a workflow.

Each business process will contain several tasks. Each task will have the shared goal of delivering a product or service. Once triggered, a predetermined series of steps completes the task automatically. You can monitor workflow using an integrated software application, which displays an easy-to-use dashboard. Authorized staff can send performance reports, reminder emails, approval requests and more. All with a simple click or two.

The real time status of your workflow appears on a single dashboard. Train staff to use this software to increase collaboration and reduce human error. People can run tasks on demand. Paper-based administration becomes an endangered species.

Streamlining Communication Between Departments

Need approval from Management, Legal, and Finance before purchasing more stock? No problem. You can have requests like these emailed automatically to all relevant parties. You can set it so that it sends follow-up emails, cc’ing the supervisor if necessary! You can track all automated tasks in real time. You can also view and analyze work performance metrics.

Bottlenecks caused by lost or delayed paper requests become obsolete. In the example of seeking approval from various parties, everybody concerned can thumb up or thumb down a request. All they need to do is make the appropriate click. Relevant parties will then see the result of the ‘vote.’ The dashboard updates this task’s status for everybody to view. This is only one of many tasks that will comprise your automated business workflow.

Putting The Flow Back Into HR

Here’s an example of how automation can streamline workflow in an HR firm.

Back in the day, job applications would get processed by scribbling a few notes on the cover. Then someone would file them in a cabinet. With luck, you might have been able to keep track of their status. Introducing workflow automation is a game changer. Lose the paper: ask all job applicants to upload their cover letters and resumes via an electronic form.

Completed electronic forms can go instantly and directly to the recruiter. It is possible to have software send approval or rejection emails to applicants automatically as the recruiter processes applications. Workflow automation can help not only HR but also sales, management, operations and IT.

What does this mean for your business?

Automation of your business workflow will:

  • speed up product to market times
  • increase revenue
  • reduce operating costs

In a competitive global marketplace, workflow automation increases your margins without inflating your prices. That alone is pretty impressive. Every business should get involved in business workflow automation today.

At Grexo, we believe in getting your business IT in the best shape of its life – so you can run stronger, faster, and more efficiency. Gives us a call to learn about our workflow automation solutions.

Regulatory compliance

How Regulatory Compliance Can Help Make Your Workflow Seamless

Learning the rules to any game is a major component of operating a business. Throughout national and international borders, businesses uphold consistent standards and regulations in order to manage potential risk. Regulatory compliance is not just a defensive play – it is the game plan on how to win. Compliance offers a company much more than the opportunity to prevent risks and mistakes; it shows them the best way to navigate through the possibilities. Let’s see how regulatory compliance can help make your workflow seamless.

When In Regulatory Compliance, Workflow is Ideal

An organization workflow process becomes transparent when it adheres to laws, regulations, guidelines, and specification relevant to its business. A workflow is a series of industrial, administrative, and other pieces of work which pass from initiation to completion. It is the duty of an organization to maintain and monitor the modification of laws which mandate a business. Once an organization accurately conforms the processes that keep it up and running become fluid and effortless. Some examples of the most common regulatory compliance laws and regulations are the Dodd-Frank Act, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). The result of violating regulatory compliance results in legal punishment, federal fines, loss of reputation and funds.

Grexo Can Coach You Through It

Regulatory compliance is one of our specialties. We have spent some years perfecting our approach and can help you assess your risk profile. With our specialized experience in the industry, we have developed a specific knowledge to help you enter a new market or keep you in your current one. We can help advise and guide you through the latest regulations which will impact your company. By staying focused and relentless, we will drive your business to the top. Let’s get you ready for the game today!

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Train Harder with The Best VoIP Service

Leading a healthy lifestyle is challenging, especially when you manage a company. Sure, you can plan out your meals and avoid sweet or carb-filled temptations brought in by co-workers, but if your goal is to put on muscle mass, or even just retain your gains, it means hitting the gym on a regular basis. Avoiding unhealthy foods is often a walk in the park compared to finding additional gym time. Thankfully, there are non-traditional ways you can increase your gym time. Never miss leg day again.

Increased Mobility = More Time in the Gym

When you ditch the traditional phone line for VoIP, you’re capable of having your business line with you everywhere you go. You can take calls in your car or even from the gym. Pull the anchor you have to your desk. When you’re ready to leave for the day, you can leave knowing you can make or take critical business calls wherever you go. And you can use that extra time to tone those abs.

Time Management = More Time in the Gym

The sheer amount of time you and your coworkers can save directly from not being tied to desks for their business calls can be massive. Suddenly, you can come and go as needed. If you’re on a business call and your gym time rolls around, just transfer the call to your mobile phone, resume the call, and hit the road to the gym. No more eating into gym time because you’re “on a business call.” Within a few months, you’ll be breaking PR’s and exceeding your business goals like a champ.

Saved Money = More Time in the Gym

One of the greatest benefits of switching your office to VoIP is that you can save quite a lot of money using VoIP softphones over traditional desk phones. Standard phone companies are notorious for how much they charge for business lines. That money you save using VoIP could go toward your gym membership – or maybe even gym memberships for other people in your office. Even if you decide to pocket the savings, paying less for an already expensive bill is always a good thing.

Grexo Provides the Best VoIP Service Available

If you’re looking for the best VoIP service available, you’ve come to the right place. Grexo has searched far and wide to find what we feel is the best VoIP service for business. Give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll start the process to get your office set-up. And remember – once you have VoIP and get rid of the regular business line, you also get rid of the excuses. Train longer, train harder, train better!

Technology experts using the best VoIP services.

Cut the Hard Lines: Grexo Has the Best VoIP Service for Your Business

In today’s society, Millennials have cut the cord – 41 percent of Millennials aren’t hooked up to a landline phone, and don’t plan on transitioning back anytime soon. With over 83 percent sleeping next to their mobile devices – Millennials are ready to cut all hard lines. When it comes to your businesses phone systems, are finding yourself ready to cut the cord? Could your business get by with virtual phone services – the best VoIP (Voice over IP) services that will replace those traditional office phones? Let’s get ready to cut those hard lines with the best VoIP services perfect for your business.

Best VoIP Services For Your Business

Landlines –a conventional telecommunications connection by cable laid across land, typically either on poles or buried underground. These analog systems run via your telephone company’s traditional copper wiring and run through a landline service. Landlines systems are reliable and most companies are comfortable using them. However, they can be costly and require high maintenance. These systems include a variety of features – automated receptionists, voicemail, call forwarding, call screening, and online faxing.

Grexo Can Cut The Hardline

Here at Grexo, we know modern phone systems are mobile and improve business communications. A VoIP business phone system can help you provide better customer service and increase revenue with more flexibility and adherence to your business goals. Our IT solutions are customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Let us show you how our IT services and technology solutions can increase productivity while reducing your technology costs. Connect with us today!