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See What the Best Cloud Service Can Do For You

Here we go again – cloud talk. The buzzword in technology is “the cloud”. So, what exactly does this magical, mystical technical word have to offer? The reality is that the cloud is a physical infrastructure. This is where computers are housed in massive warehouses all over the world. Let us show you what the best cloud services have to offer – through the ability to access, analyze, store and share information that will change not only your business, but your personal life, as well.

Make Smarter Decisions.

When you have the power to access the cloud, you can virtually analyze information wherever you go. Imagine, for example, you combined live stock market data, weather projections, scanned news stories, tweets and comments in blogs – gauging the sentiment or subtle changes in public opinions. Picture having access to those multiple streams of information, all streaming to your mobile phone. As you gain insight to all areas of interest, you are able to make profitable stock choices. Even if you don’t play the market, processing power on-demand will make it easier for you to do original research on any topic which comes to mind, such as combining sales projections with just-in-time raw material inventories to make sure your department meets customer demands.

Small Businesses Will Go Global…in Days.

This is the opportunity small-to-medium-sized businesses, or SMBs, have been looking for. “Small-and medium-sized businesses will go from being constrained to certain geographies due to budget limitations to having the ability to scale globally with significantly reduced overhead costs,” says David Dobson, an executive vice president at CA Technologies – makers of IT management software and solutions which enables the cloud for SMBs through its managed service provider customers. Through the cloud, companies will be able to access infrastructure as a service via managed service providers, allowing them to stay more competitive against larger companies.

The Best Cloud Service Start with Grexo

Here at Grexo, we take you company’s technology very seriously. We know that IT can seem a little overwhelming but we are to help. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the Cloud or any other IT solutions don’t hesitate to give us a call!  

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Go Further with the Best Cloud Service

“Challenge yourself to take one more step – every time you feel you are at your limit, go one step more. When you feel like you hit the wall, push against it as hard as you can until you go a bit further. Learn to play with pain – you must play the mental tennis match between quitting and going forward”, Derek Lauber said in What You Need To Know About Summiting Everest, Running & Inventing Light Bulbs… Are you ready to challenge yourself to go further with the best Cloud service?

Taking the Leap into the Best Cloud Service

Transitioning into the Cloud is going to benefit your business in more than one way. The Cloud allows people to access applications through the internet, no matter where they are or what device they are on. Businesses from diverse backgrounds are seeking the best Cloud service to increase production and accommodate for exponential growth in the workplace. A few of the benefits that your business can experience can be found here:


Finding the best cloud service is extremely beneficial for businesses who are planning to grow, and need to increase their Cloud capacity.

Disaster Recovery

According to Aberdeen Group, small businesses are twice as likely as larger companies to have implemented cloud-based backup and recovery solutions that save time, avoid large up-front investment and roll up third-party expertise as part of the deal.

Automatic Software Updates

The best Cloud service will automatically update software for you, so you can focus on your core business values.

Capital Expenditure-Free

Take the stress away from buying hardware. Simplify the way you do business by paying as you go and enjoying a subscription-based model.

Go Further with Grexo

We are more than meets the eye. We would love to go far as your trusted IT advisors. Call us today and see what we can do for you.


Superhero Technical Support Specialist

Take Down Security Threats with a Technical Support Specialist

In these technical times, it’s difficult to keep our networks safe. That’s why we tend to seek out qualified technical support specialists who can take care of things like that for us. But what is important to look for when seeking one out? Here are a few great things to know what you should expect from a technical support specialist:

They’re Always Watching.

While you may be busy doing other things, like – oh, I don’t know – your job, hackers may very well be probing your network to see if there are any weak areas they can penetrate. They may even manage to slip into your network just for a “visit” to see if there’s anything worth seeing. But when that happens, a good technical support specialist can see it, and they can do something about it – like change the securities so your visiting hacker can’t “visit” anymore.

They Put Up Defenses.

Besides keeping constant watch over your network, a technical support specialist can also safeguard your entire network with firewalls and mega antivirus programs which will swarm your network infrastructure and squash any worms or Trojan horses that may even attempt to squirm in. When you can’t get a virus even if you tried, that’s when you know you’ve got a great network defense system – and an even greater technical support specialist.

They Safeguard You from Ransomware.

Let’s suppose you come into work one morning and, despite all the great monitoring and defenses you have in place, you see on your desktop that your network was breached in the night by a hacker – no, by an über-hacker. And remember all that great, valuable, important data you used to have? Yep. Toast. Locked-up by ransomware, and our nice über-hacker is only requesting ten bazillion dollars for the release codes. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t expecting your totally awesome technical support specialist – who backs-up ALL your data on a nightly basis. So all our hero does is format your network, then restore it from the backup, and you’re in business – not even one bazillion dollars poorer.

Find A Comprehensive Technical Support Specialist at Grexo.

At Grexo, we can monitor, defend, back-up, and more. Just give us a call, and we’ll detail how we can establish a fantastic security defensive network for your computer infrastructure. Let’s talk.

IT team technical support specialist

Why Does Your Business Need a Technical Support Specialist?

Your business is growing. That’s great. No, that’s fantastic. Sales are up, new business interest is up, and productivity is . . . About the same? Yep, we’ve just discovered the proverbial business bottleneck. Your company is only as efficient as its weakest link in the chain, and if your weakest link is your technological barriers, it’s time to bring in a technical support specialist. Is that a “cure-all” for your business bottleneck? Probably. Here’s why.

A Technical Support Specialist Knows What They’re Doing, and What You Should Be Doing.

Let’s take a look at essentially what happens when you hire a technical support specialist company. First, they’ll interview you and your team as necessary. They’ll learn what you’ve done in the past, what you’re doing now, and what you’d like to be doing. Then, they’ll evaluate your current hardware, software, and business network to see what will continue to work for you, any necessary immediate upgrades, and which upgrades you should plan for in the future.

A Technical Support Specialist Ensures Your Technology Grows with Your Company. 

Imagine your business lands an enormous account. Great! Then you land another. And another. And another. Your staff is ready to keep up, but is your current technology setup? It’s hard to imagine something worse than getting a lot of business, but not being able to do the work promptly simply because the technology you’re using can’t keep up. With a technical support specialist, as your needs evolve, they make every necessary adjustment to ensure your technology can keep up with both your staff and the increasing workload.

A Technical Support Specialist is Always Available Anytime You Need Them.

Most businesses rely on their computers and networks to keep business flowing – so much so that, if their primary server were to go down, work and profitability would both effectively halt. If that were to happen in the middle of the night, or even on a holiday, can you afford to “wait until Monday” for the problem to even begin to be addressed? Chances are, no. No way. Something major like that must be fixed immediately, and with a technical support specialist, you can call them 24/7/365 for anything. No waiting until Monday; they get to work on it now and usually have the problem corrected very quickly.

Guess What? Grexo is A Technical Support Specialist!

What’s that?! You say you’re convinced you do need a technical support specialist? Well, lucky you! It just so happens that we at Grexo are one of the best technical support specialist groups in the area! Okay, calm down – yes, we’d love to work with you and your IT needs. Just give us a call, and we’ll get it all setup. Yes, yes, you’re welcome. Glad to see you bouncing with excitement.

IT Consultant

Your IT Consultant is Your Business’ Trainer

There are a lot of important factors involved when it comes to finding the perfect IT consulting company that works just for you. In order for your business to be up and running, it requires plenty of maintenance and upkeep. Similar to finding a personal trainer that best serves your fitness needs, you should find an IT consultant that best fits your technical support needs.


Unfortunately, working out sporadically does not produce desired outcomes. If you want real results, then you’re going to need to put in real effort. Parallel to finding a workout regimen that you can actually dedicate time and energy into, you want to find an IT consultant that is going to be there for you 24/7 to monitor and manage your critical infrastructure. You cannot truly reach your potential unless there is consistency.

The Wide Span of Services an IT Consultant Offers

Considering the wide span of services that an IT consulting company offers is extremely important. Friends don’t let friends skip leg day. Just like you wouldn’t want a fitness instructor who only offered you arm workouts, you wouldn’t want an IT consultant to specialize in one service. Check out what a Grexo IT consultant can do for you: Building a Healthy Business.


A reputable trainer has success stories under their belt: clients who have already reached their own personal fitness goals. Finding a managed IT company that has a great track record should solidify their rapport. They should have a proven history of uptime and proactive support to ensure online availability at all times.

Customer Service

A great way to ensure a solid foundation of customer service is through communication. Find the IT consultant that has exceptional people, who not only put your network first but ensures your satisfaction as their top priority.


You wouldn’t take fitness advice from Colonel Sanders, so why would you trust anyone but the top tier IT consultants to handle your tech support needs? You will need to select a provider that is reputable and experienced with your clients and industry. Grexo offers years of exceptional IT consulting, help desk, and tech support to help you reach your goals.

Businessmen shaking hands IT Consultant

What to Look For In an IT Consultant

IT consultants are everywhere. Just Google the word and see how many pop up. But what makes one different from the next? Well actually, lots of things. There are some specific traits you should look for when seeking out your IT consultant. Here are a few of them.

Is the IT Consultant Proactive or Reactive?

In other words: do they wait until you call them to tell them there’s a problem before they fix it – or do they have network monitoring in place to detect when an issue is starting to arise, and handle it from their home base? This is very important to downtime, as a reactive IT consultant will almost certainly have you down for significantly longer periods than a proactive IT consultant.

Will the IT Consultant Take Over All Aspects of Your Computer Needs, Including Your Vendors?

There are few things more frustrating in this world than to have a software problem, only to contact your IT consultant and hear, “We don’t support that. Call the vendor.” That shouldn’t be your job. You’re not paying them good money every month to be told to take care of it yourself. Ensure they are happy to take over all aspects of your IT department, basically making them your offsite CIO.

Is Your IT Consultant Available All Day, Every Day?

Picture it: you have a huge presentation in the morning, so you plan to spend all evening working on it. At 3:30 in the morning – in an instant – your network is down. All work stops until it’s fixed. Can you only call your IT consultant during working hours, or can you call them right now and get them to fix it so you can get back to work.

At Grexo, We’re All These Things and Much More.

We’re proactive, we’re available 24/7/365, and we’re more than happy to become your Chief Information Officer. Let’s talk about it. There’s a lot more to grin about in all the things we can offer. Prepare to be highly satisfied.

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Why You Don’t Need to Work Twice as Hard for Process Improvement

Implementing a process improvement plan for your business can be a tough task to accomplish. There are numerous steps you must take to find processes that need work and many different aspects to consider. Below is a standard process improvement plan and ways that Grexo can help you to achieve it successfully.


Your Standard Process Improvement Plan

Work processes are developed for a particular purpose by doing tasks over and over again in the same fashion. Typically, many people within your organization already know how the workflow needs to be improved, yet have a hard time implementing it themselves without management or peer buy in. However, most companies fail to understand that implementing a process improvement plan should always be done for the consumer, not upper management.


Step One: Define

A process improvement plan should always start by defining a repeating operations – one with a beginning, middle, and end.


Step Two: Examine

Break the process down into as many steps as possible. Include every little detail, the more, the better. It may be necessary to ask your peers for input.


Step Three: Input

Request input from anyone involved in the process on what they think can improve efficiency. It may be simple or complex.


Step Four: Observe

Pay attention to your employees. Those who want to improve the process will start doing so naturally.


Step Five: Implement

Begin with the obvious parts of process improvement and start implementing change. You can use HR, automation, and step removal as resources.


Step Six: Repeat

Repeat the process on all of your workflows. Creating efficiency in your company will improve its net worth.


Grexo Helps Your Business with its Process Improvement Strategy

When you partner with Grexo’s IT consultants, you won’t be left alone to walk through these steps over and over again for each work flow. They’ll take a good hard look at your network and all of its processes to determine where your company will benefit the most from process improvement. They’ll automate workflows to help your workflows become more efficient and work with your team to continue making improvements. Let Grexo put some muscle back in the way you work.

Process Improvement - a competition concept, clouds with ladders on blue

Automation is the Key to Process Improvement

Process improvement is quite simple to achieve in your business. It can be done quickly, for little out of pocket cost, and, if done correctly, can provide ROI gains instantly. To realize these benefits, companies must look towards automation.


What is Process Automation?

Many businesses have processes that they must follow to get tasks done. These are done in several steps and can grow to be quite excessive. Significant time is lost due to bad hand-offs, manual efforts, and then not having the ability to monitor progress or results. Luckily there is software available to streamline these processes before they become overwhelming. Businesses can automate the flow of the business to reduce their workloads, lower expenses, improve information exchange, add to their bottom lines, and even improve management of suppliers and services.


Why Should You Automate?

Automating your processes removes the mundane, routine tasks that are done in a process that may not need interaction from an outside force. When you automate, you create process improvement in your business. Better processes lead to lower costs, motivated employees, and happier customers across the board. By looking at how work is accomplished and taking note of your current processes, you can improve on the flow they take. However, process improvement doesn’t rely on automation alone. Your business must completely redesign – and continue to improve – your processes to achieve optimal results. Once your processes are automated, you’ll gain better visibility and control over your business like you’ve never experienced before. You’ll be able to identify bottlenecks, view how the process works, and find possible improvements to be made to provide the most efficiency and performance output in your business.


Process Improvement Benefits

Aside from an increase in your bottom line numbers, gain on ROI, and enhanced efficiency, your business stands to benefit quite a bit from process improvements and automation. By implementing automation in your processes, you cut back on labor hours and project completion time spans while boosting your productivity and output. Your employees can increase in efficiency, taking on more workloads than they could when they were doing manual tasks. They’ll be able to do more with less. You can easily create shorter cycle times by keeping things moving with the hands-off approach that automation provides.


Grexo can help automate your workflows and get you on a continuous process improvement plan that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of automation. We’ll help you see immediate ROI while cutting project times in half and bettering your employees.

Woman with healthy food in front of her working on a laptop. When you have the right IT solutions, you can also have a healthy business.

IT Solutions for Building a Healthy Business

What do IT solutions have to do with maintaining a healthy business? Well, being successful is more than just having customers come in and hand you money. All successful businesses have processes in place to make sure they are doing their jobs right. So what types of technology are really worth your investment? Grexo has the answers!

Unified Communications

When your employees can clearly talk to each other, your business can reap benefits beyond your imagination. Unified communications is a vast term, but it is anything but simple. The basis of unified communications – or UC for short – is the ability to integrate communication software to support your employees’ collaboration efforts, regardless of the device they might be using. You’ve probably used a type of UC in your daily life for years without even realizing it. Applications such as instant messaging, web conferencing, VoIP, and click-to-talk are all a part of UC that can drastically increase the health of your business as well as the satisfaction of your staff.

Backup, Recovery, and Business Continuity

Interestingly, many businesses don’t have this very important – if not vital – IT solution. Think of it like a safety net for your business. Disastrous events come in many different forms and can strike at any time. You aren’t as invincible as you may think. Having a working backup and continuity plan in place is the difference between having a business one day and losing it to disaster the next. It doesn’t matter if your technology falls victim to a massive flood or your intern spills water on an important device, if you don’t have a backup plan in place, you’re a sitting duck.

Server Virtualization

Virtualization and cloud IT solutions IT solutions are great for those businesses with multiple locations or the desire to expand. When you reduce the amount of physical hardware your company uses, you are free to move around as you please. Everything is tied back to one machine, allowing multiple users to remote in and eliminating the need to continuously purchase updates and licenses. By virtualizing your technology, you’re able to better manage updates and rapid changes to multiple operating systems without disrupting the end users. Furthermore, you get more bang for your buck by optimizing your resources instead of under-utilizing them with the outdated multi-server environment.

Professional Services

This IT solution is like the doctor for your technology. As your technology ages, it starts struggling to run as well as it did when it was new. This is normal; nothing lasts forever. However, you may notice things start to slip through the cracks, and your efficiency declines the older your technology becomes. Professional services can boost your business’ efficiency by automating the day-to-day workflows that are sucking up all your time and resources, replacing outdated technology with newer, faster tech. When implemented correctly, your technology will work for you, instead of you working for it – boosting the overall health of your business.

Grexo IT Solutions Keep Your Business Healthy

It’s our passion to make sure your business is always running at it’s strongest. Having ailing technology hinders your growth and to us, that isn’t acceptable. When you call us in to handle your technology, we’ll make sure you have the best plan in place to keep your business healthy and growing.

Businessman hand working with new modern computer and IT solutions as concept

IT Solutions: How the Right Ones Can Transform Your Business

You may think your business is running just fine as it is right now, but did you know it could run better? With the right IT solutions, your business could go from okay to great. Here are three IT solutions that can make your life easier while taking your company to the next level.


Professional Services

Take a look at your day-to-day processes and workflows. Do you have to take multiple steps to complete a task that you should be able to do in just one or two steps? Are you using multiple apps for one project? When you use professional services, you can cut down the time it takes to complete projects that would require multiple steps to get done. Whether your provider recommends a new software to speed up your workflow or they decide to automate processes to make your work life easier, there is no question that using this IT solution can increase your company’s efficiency and productivity.


Unified Communications

Your employees need to talk with each other for your business to have even the smallest amount of effectiveness. With unified communications, speaking to each other becomes much easier and more enjoyable across your organization. You’re able to use many of the tools that have become a mainstay in the past twenty years. Instead of picking up the phone or getting up and walking around the building to talk to someone, unified communications gives you the ability to instant message them for a quicker response. If you have remote workers, they’ll be able to join your meetings via video conferencing. If your employees constantly have to go out into the field, VoIP delivers their desk phone directly to any device of their choosing. When your employees can touch base in a simpler way they enjoy, their overall morale will improve.


Cloud Computing

Studies show that C-level management feels a younger workforce is less reliable than older employees. In 2011, nearly 68% of women in the workforce had children under the age of six. Sadly, with children – especially ones who are younger in age – parents run into all sorts of unplanned incidents. Something may happen at school, or their kids may get sick, taking younger workers out of the office more often. With cloud computing, not only do you cut out the bulky hardware using your server room and gain a more secure place to store your data, but you also give the younger workforce the ability to work from anywhere on any device. So when they have to leave unexpectedly to take care of an emergency, you can be sure that they can continue to work from home.


Grexo Can Provide the Right IT Solutions for You

Luckily, Grexo has provided the above mentioned as well as a multitude of other IT solutions for several companies over the years. We’re the experts at seeing where companies could use a little help improving and recommending the technology needed to get them there successfully. Find out what IT solutions could transform your business by giving Grexo a call today!