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Take a Punch – Tighten Your Network Security with an Information Security Analyst

Think of a bodyguard, or a superhero. What do they do? They protect their chosen ones with all of their power and might. They evaluate every situation they’re in, identify the risks, and determine how they will protect their loved ones from them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have this type of figure for your network? Well, you can, and it’s called an information security analyst.

How Does An Information Security Analyst Act As a Superhero for My Network?

Okay, let’s start by defining what an information security analyst does. As the name indicates, this individual will analyze your system for any information regarding its security. This involves hacker threats, malware, security breaches, or any other abnormal behavior. Through risk assessments and careful monitoring, these tech superheroes will gather all of the information they can get. After this is done, the superhero gloves come on and these analysts will work to protect your network from any and all hacking punches in a variety of ways, such as firewall or data encryption for example.

Information security analysts have studied technology inside and out, so they are well able to protect it. Professional analysts normally have a degree in computer science or a related field accompanied by years of experience in the field, so you can trust them, just as the people of Gotham trust Batman (or should).

An information security analysts (can we just call them your tech superheroes?) will make it their personal duty to ensure your network’s safety. Not only will they stay up to date on any new threats or developments in the field, but they will also develop and test network disaster recovery plans in case the worst were to happen. If your network were to takes a punch, they’ll make sure that you’re able to bounce back from it quickly. They will prepare for the good and the bad, and they’ll make sure that your staff is ready for anything as well. You can rest easy now with this overall protection. 

An information security analyst will be your network’s personal guardian. They will act as punching bags, diffusing and preventing any malicious punches that come hungry for harm. That is what the analysts at Grexo take pride in.  We are ready to put on our capes and fight those cyber dangers for you. Contact us today to see.

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Using an Information Security Analyst to Protect Your Network

With so many new tech gadgets and systems introduced into the world these days, the opportunities for hackers has only skyrocketed. And guess what? One of their biggest targets are SMBs networks. No matter how advanced and intricate your network may be, hacking methodology has also become increasingly complex and clever. In fact, as much as 70% of cyberattacks involves intricate phishing and hacking techniques. That’s a dangerous number. What can you do in preparation? Well, simple and basic security defenses just aren’t enough. You need someone that has studied technology and networks and really understands their inner workings. You need an information security analyst.

What is an Information Security Analyst?

An information security analyst is a valuable asset for any SMB to have. These professionals will be your network lifeguards. They have studied and trained in order to be able to efficiently monitor networks for security breaches or any other abnormal behavior.

What kind of experience do they have? Well, most information security analysts have a degree in either computer science, programming, or engineering. Once they’re on the job, they will also have opportunities for various certifications with well known vendors such as Microsoft or Cisco. So, these guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to network advice.

How Does This Analyst Protect My Network?

There are many ways an information security analyst can set up those walls against vicious hackers. For example, they can install firewall or data encryption to identify and keep out malware and viruses. They can also run risk assessments to discover what exactly your network is at risk for, and then research and implement the exact technologies and methods to protect against them. They can also develop and test network disaster recovery plans just in case the worst happens – it’s better to be safe than sorry. And, to add onto that, they can train your staff on network and information security procedures. That way, everyone in your company will be informed. These professionals will also recommend any security changes as they see fit. Their ultimate goal is to mold your security system into the best shape it can be.

And of course, an information security analyst’s work doesn’t stop there. They won’t just install, train, then leave. They are constantly researching and staying up-to-date on the latest hacking techniques in order to be completely ready and prepared for any attacks that come their way.

To conclude, using an information security analyst to protect your network is one of the smartest choices you can make. Because of their knowledge and experience, the safety of your network is in very good hands. At Grexo, our analysts are the best of the best. They are trained, certified, and dedicated to assess your system and eliminate your weak points. So, what’re you waiting for? Contact us today to get started on keeping your network safe!