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Collaboration from Anywhere: Why Automating Your Workflow is the Best Idea for Your Business

Looking to slash your business operating costs? Check out how workflow automation can improve the way you run your business and get tasks completed.

Workflow automation often focuses on how we use documents. Enabled by technology, it has the power to streamline communication and simplify your workflow. The main advantages of automating your workflow is that it’s cost-efficient and less susceptible to error.

Workflow automation simplifies repetitive, labor-intensive activities. At the same time, it removes redundant tasks. Your staff will then have more time for work that is relevant to their core skills. An experienced IT services company will tailor workflow automation to their client’s business requirements. They will integrate it with their client’s existing IT infrastructure, and can even extend its functionality.

How Workflow Automation Software Gives You More For Less

Tasks ideal for workflow automation are: order fulfillment, inventory management, shipping, purchasing, and billing. Automation design involves mapping the current work practices of a business. These practices are then streamlined to form a chain of core business processes known as a workflow.

Each business process will contain several tasks. Each task will have the shared goal of delivering a product or service. Once triggered, a predetermined series of steps completes the task automatically. You can monitor workflow using an integrated software application, which displays an easy-to-use dashboard. Authorized staff can send performance reports, reminder emails, approval requests and more. All with a simple click or two.

The real time status of your workflow appears on a single dashboard. Train staff to use this software to increase collaboration and reduce human error. People can run tasks on demand. Paper-based administration becomes an endangered species.

Streamlining Communication Between Departments

Need approval from Management, Legal, and Finance before purchasing more stock? No problem. You can have requests like these emailed automatically to all relevant parties. You can set it so that it sends follow-up emails, cc’ing the supervisor if necessary! You can track all automated tasks in real time. You can also view and analyze work performance metrics.

Bottlenecks caused by lost or delayed paper requests become obsolete. In the example of seeking approval from various parties, everybody concerned can thumb up or thumb down a request. All they need to do is make the appropriate click. Relevant parties will then see the result of the ‘vote.’ The dashboard updates this task’s status for everybody to view. This is only one of many tasks that will comprise your automated business workflow.

Putting The Flow Back Into HR

Here’s an example of how automation can streamline workflow in an HR firm.

Back in the day, job applications would get processed by scribbling a few notes on the cover. Then someone would file them in a cabinet. With luck, you might have been able to keep track of their status. Introducing workflow automation is a game changer. Lose the paper: ask all job applicants to upload their cover letters and resumes via an electronic form.

Completed electronic forms can go instantly and directly to the recruiter. It is possible to have software send approval or rejection emails to applicants automatically as the recruiter processes applications. Workflow automation can help not only HR but also sales, management, operations and IT.

What does this mean for your business?

Automation of your business workflow will:

  • speed up product to market times
  • increase revenue
  • reduce operating costs

In a competitive global marketplace, workflow automation increases your margins without inflating your prices. That alone is pretty impressive. Every business should get involved in business workflow automation today.

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