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Innovative IT Solutions & Unbeatable IT Support

We’re More Than “IT People”

We build bigger, better, stronger, and faster businesses with technology.

We’re not just “IT People”, sticking our faces in front of computer screens and connecting wires to devices all day. We’re not just “business people” focused on our next sale either. We’re a good combination of both and we take the time to understand your technology challenges so we can fix them.

The right IT solutions will automate manual processes and improve the workflow for your business. Automation and productivity is the key to becoming more competitive in your industry. We’ll help you trim the fat and run a lean, competitive business with technology.

We Are Like an Amazing Offensive Line

Nothing Gets by Us. We Keep Your Business Running

We have state-of-the-art infrastructure on our side. Have you ever seen an air traffic controller’s booth? It’s kind of like that.  We built it with one thing in mind: to make sure your business stays up and running without tech issues.  We invested in multiple big screen displays so we can keep an eye on your network in real time, watch weather patterns to proactively prevent downtime due to weather conditions, and spot and correct issues before you even know they exist.

Your IT Support Needs Won’t Frustrate Us

There’s nothing worse than calling IT Support with a tech problem and then feeling the frustration of the customer service rep, right? Technology issues don’t frustrate us like they do most – in fact, we find technology problems intriguing!

We can’t wait to find the solution, so go ahead – give us a call with your most challenging situation. We've got this.

All Hands on Deck

You’ve Never Experienced Customer Service Like This Before

Our support team obsesses over providing excellent service. We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to customer support.

Grexo began with the goal of providing the very best customer experience possible.  No high-pressure sales pitch or tactics – we believe exceptional customer service naturally drives sales.

We track of how long it takes to resolve client challenges. If an IT support request hasn’t been resolved fast enough, all of our expert engineers are alerted, contributing their knowledge until it’s resolved.

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Have questions? Need more information?  Let us know.  We are here to help with your IT needs.

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