Woman with healthy food in front of her working on a laptop. When you have the right IT solutions, you can also have a healthy business.

IT Solutions for Building a Healthy Business

What do IT solutions have to do with maintaining a healthy business? Well, being successful is more than just having customers come in and hand you money. All successful businesses have processes in place to make sure they are doing their jobs right. So what types of technology are really worth your investment? Grexo has the answers!

Unified Communications

When your employees can clearly talk to each other, your business can reap benefits beyond your imagination. Unified communications is a vast term, but it is anything but simple. The basis of unified communications – or UC for short – is the ability to integrate communication software to support your employees’ collaboration efforts, regardless of the device they might be using. You’ve probably used a type of UC in your daily life for years without even realizing it. Applications such as instant messaging, web conferencing, VoIP, and click-to-talk are all a part of UC that can drastically increase the health of your business as well as the satisfaction of your staff.

Backup, Recovery, and Business Continuity

Interestingly, many businesses don’t have this very important – if not vital – IT solution. Think of it like a safety net for your business. Disastrous events come in many different forms and can strike at any time. You aren’t as invincible as you may think. Having a working backup and continuity plan in place is the difference between having a business one day and losing it to disaster the next. It doesn’t matter if your technology falls victim to a massive flood or your intern spills water on an important device, if you don’t have a backup plan in place, you’re a sitting duck.

Server Virtualization

Virtualization and cloud IT solutions IT solutions are great for those businesses with multiple locations or the desire to expand. When you reduce the amount of physical hardware your company uses, you are free to move around as you please. Everything is tied back to one machine, allowing multiple users to remote in and eliminating the need to continuously purchase updates and licenses. By virtualizing your technology, you’re able to better manage updates and rapid changes to multiple operating systems without disrupting the end users. Furthermore, you get more bang for your buck by optimizing your resources instead of under-utilizing them with the outdated multi-server environment.

Professional Services

This IT solution is like the doctor for your technology. As your technology ages, it starts struggling to run as well as it did when it was new. This is normal; nothing lasts forever. However, you may notice things start to slip through the cracks, and your efficiency declines the older your technology becomes. Professional services can boost your business’ efficiency by automating the day-to-day workflows that are sucking up all your time and resources, replacing outdated technology with newer, faster tech. When implemented correctly, your technology will work for you, instead of you working for it – boosting the overall health of your business.

Grexo IT Solutions Keep Your Business Healthy

It’s our passion to make sure your business is always running at it’s strongest. Having ailing technology hinders your growth and to us, that isn’t acceptable. When you call us in to handle your technology, we’ll make sure you have the best plan in place to keep your business healthy and growing.