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Our Process

Our Strategic Planning Process Helps You Beat Your Competition

"We like to win. We’re athletes and we know how to compete. Over the years, we’ve developed a strategic planning process that will help your business beat out the competition"


  • Stop worrying about the integrity of data backups
  • Secure and protect business data from harm
  • Meet regulatory compliance standards
  • Easily access, restore, and recover critical data in minutes
  • BDR Virtualization ensures business continuity if server hardware fails

What’s Going on With that Technology of Yours?

Before we can do anything, we have to know what’s going on with your current technology. What works? What’s broken? We’ll talk with you and check out your existing set up to see what’s happening and what we can do with technology to help you reach your business goals and crush the competition.

We’ll Handle Some Advanced Technology Analysis For You Called “SWOT”

A SWOT analysis is just a fancy way of saying we’re going to figure out where to start when it comes to designing solutions to your technology problems. If you really want to know, a SWOT analysis looks at your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats – but all you really need to know is we customize technology to your unique needs.

We’ll Act Like Architects and Show you the Blue Prints

Grexo’s certified engineers put together comprehensive technology solution plans designed specifically to meet your needs with your long term goals in mind. The solutions our engineers develop build up the muscle in your technology infrastructure and cut out the needless fat. We’ll give you a few options. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that’s going to get you to where you want to go, but the options we provide allow you to see the different paths we can take to get there together.

Keep Your Momentum Going with a Secure Technology Infrastructure

Growing your business is all about momentum, and all it takes is one security breach to bring your business to a screeching halt. Because we know how real the risks are, we know just how critical it is to keep your business security tight. We do this by keeping hardware and software updated, and patching up any holes in the network.

Proactive Monitoring

Data Protection

Efficiency Audits

Failsafe Back-ups

We Make Sure Your Business is Prepared for Anything

Human error, natural disasters, or plain bad luck can set any company back days, or even weeks when they are not prepared. We manage that risk for your business by backing up your data and putting a disaster recovery plan in place that will have your business running in no-time at all, even if faced with some sort of catastrophe.

Prepare and provision your BDR appliance at our facilities prior to deployment. This may take several days to weeks.

Deploy the BDR appliance to your location and perform final configuration and testing. This can take a day to several weeks depending on complexity.

Ongoing monitoring and management of your BDR Solution. This critical monitoring function occurs 24/7 with daily analysis of all backup, replication, restore and virtualization events.

All Hands on Deck

You’ve Never Experienced Customer Service Like This Before

Our support team obsesses over providing excellent service. We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to customer support.

We started Grexo with the goal of providing the very best customer experience possible. Sales always came second and still does – we believe exceptional customer service naturally drives sales.

We keep track of how long it takes to resolve client challenges. If an IT support request hasn’t been resolved fast enough, all of our expert engineers are alerted, contributing their knowledge until it’s resolved.

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