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Seeking Personal Protection with the Best Cloud Storage

Small businesses needs the same level of protection for their private data as big corporations. Hackers don’t care about how many employees you have. They are just looking for the easiest, least protected route to valuable data. Big companies can afford to go with the best cloud storage platform running inside their own IT infrastructure, but small companies tend to move data protection and recovery plans way down on the priority list. Too often, that means that the easiest route for hackers leads directly to the SMBs.

A Slim Chance of Survival

Data loss is brutal. Research by Gartner found that 43 percent of companies that suffered a major loss of data had to close their doors immediately. Within two years, 96 percent of them were no longer in business. There’s too much at stake, especially your reputation, to lose it all in seconds when affordable cloud storage protection is readily available.

The problem goes way beyond just the threat of malicious attacks from cybercriminals. The next biggest dangers to your private data are accidents and natural disasters. Larger corporations are required by their insurance carrier to keep backups either in the cloud or on separate servers not used for business. Local backups are then locked away in dedicated rooms under tight security.

Energy Drinks and Hailstorms

For SMBs, backups happen irregularly or not at all. Many companies keep backups on the same server they use for business, which might be stuck in a closet or sitting right there on the owner’s desk.

One careless elbow and a spilled energy drink can wipe out years of hard work. You can be sure that variations of this scenario have played out countless times.

No amount of caution will stop a natural disaster, though. Fires, hailstorms and power surges hit everyone equally, but large enterprises have fail-safe plans in place. Now, thanks to cloud storage providers, SMB in every industry can afford that same kind of security.

That Doesn’t Look Like a Cloud

When you think about it, “the cloud” is a strange way to describe a series of massive buildings filled with dense metal servers. The reason it’s called “the cloud” is that data travels between servers on this giant network by whichever pathway is the most efficient at the moment. Not even the data center manager can point to the exact place that specific data is physically, or how it got there.

That cloudy uncertainty is exactly why the cloud is so powerful as a next-generation security platform. If disaster or a hacker hits any specific location, your data can move to a safer location at the speed of light, automatically. It’s essentially like having a series of backups that you can access but nobody else can touch.

Mountain Climbing as a Security Platform

In the old days, people used to climb mountains and hide their gold “in the clouds” to keep it safe. Today, data is gold and the cloud is still the safest place for it. Seek out the best cloud storage provider to protect your most valuable and private information about your customers, your financials and the future of your business.

Grexo can put together a security plan that makes sense for your business, including the power of the cloud for industrial-strength protection. No one can say what kind of threats you could be facing tomorrow, but a few clouds now will make your future a whole lot brighter.