Businessmen shaking hands IT Consultant

What to Look For In an IT Consultant

IT consultants are everywhere. Just Google the word and see how many pop up. But what makes one different from the next? Well actually, lots of things. There are some specific traits you should look for when seeking out your IT consultant. Here are a few of them.

Is the IT Consultant Proactive or Reactive?

In other words: do they wait until you call them to tell them there’s a problem before they fix it – or do they have network monitoring in place to detect when an issue is starting to arise, and handle it from their home base? This is very important to downtime, as a reactive IT consultant will almost certainly have you down for significantly longer periods than a proactive IT consultant.

Will the IT Consultant Take Over All Aspects of Your Computer Needs, Including Your Vendors?

There are few things more frustrating in this world than to have a software problem, only to contact your IT consultant and hear, “We don’t support that. Call the vendor.” That shouldn’t be your job. You’re not paying them good money every month to be told to take care of it yourself. Ensure they are happy to take over all aspects of your IT department, basically making them your offsite CIO.

Is Your IT Consultant Available All Day, Every Day?

Picture it: you have a huge presentation in the morning, so you plan to spend all evening working on it. At 3:30 in the morning – in an instant – your network is down. All work stops until it’s fixed. Can you only call your IT consultant during working hours, or can you call them right now and get them to fix it so you can get back to work.

At Grexo, We’re All These Things and Much More.

We’re proactive, we’re available 24/7/365, and we’re more than happy to become your Chief Information Officer. Let’s talk about it. There’s a lot more to grin about in all the things we can offer. Prepare to be highly satisfied.