Careers in IT

Here at Grexo, we’re all about finding and retaining ambitious and innovative people who are willing to challenge themselves each and every day.

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, managed IT services offer hospitals, clinics, and medical practices a lifeline. Juggling patient care, compliance demands, and complex technology requirements can be overwhelming for internal IT teams. This is where managed IT providers step in, acting as an extension of your team, freeing up valuable resources and ensuring your technology runs smoothly and securely.

Imagine round-the-clock monitoring and proactive threat detection safeguarding your sensitive patient data. Think seamless system updates and maintenance preventing downtime that disrupts crucial workflows. Envision expert cybersecurity professionals constantly vigilant against evolving threats, protecting your organization from costly breaches. This is the reality of managed IT services for healthcare.

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Why Choose an IT Career?

A career in IT catapults you into a dynamic world at the forefront of innovation. You’ll not only join one of the fastest-growing job markets with excellent earning potential, but you’ll also gain the satisfaction of solving complex problems and seeing the tangible impact of your work. Whether you’re passionate about protecting businesses from cyberattacks, unlocking insights through data, or building the next game-changing application, IT offers endless specialization paths to match your interests. Plus, as technology becomes ever more central to our lives, your skills will be in constant demand, offering both job security and the flexibility to chart your own course.

Personal Growth

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Strong Earning Potential

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Wide range of Tech Specialties

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Team-based, Results-oriented

"Many IT roles offer salaries well above national averages, with potential for substantial increases based on specialized skills and experience."

The Perks of Working at Grexo

Great Benefits

We provide health, dental and vision insurance as well as a robust 401k plan with company match.

Excellent work-life balance

With flexible work hours and remote work capabilities, Grexo understands and promotes balance between your work and family.

Competitive Salaries

Grexo's IT salaries generally outpace national averages, reflecting specialized skills and high demand.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

We have a generous vacation package as well as other PTO benefits.