Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protecting your critical business data to survive disasters

Computer systems can and will fail even with the best systems in place. As long as you can continue to access your data, business can continue. Secure your critical business financials, customer information and intellectual property against data corruption or accidental deletion, hackers, ransomware threats, “inside jobs,” natural disasters and more with our backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions.

Security is the #1 concern for business owners today. Are you covered?

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Leverage the Latest Backup and Recovery Technology for Business Continuity

As a business owner, any situation that impacts staff productivity and business continuity can be considered a disaster in terms of your ability to drive necessary revenue, execute critical tasks, and communicate with clients as well as prospects.

18.5 Hours

That is the average time it takes a business to recover from disaster. 43% of companies never totally recover, 51% close within two years and a mere 10% survived over the long-term.

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery solution can help you achieve regulatory compliance, and if any of your services happen to fail, our solution doubles as an on-site virtual server, allowing the speedy restoral of your organization’s productivity while the failure is diagnosed and remediated.

Our Approach

Using image-based backup and hybrid cloud model, our BDR Solution delivers enterprise-grade Data backup, recovery and business continuity for local, virtual and Cloud environments at a small business price.

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Install our BDR solution

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Backup critical business data

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Data is replicated to the Cloud

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Recovery of individual files

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Boot backups as virtual machines

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Continuous monitoring

"The average cost of downtime per minute is $11,600!"

- Datto

Benefits of a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Safeguard against disasters

Backup systems create copies of your data, so hardware failures, natural disasters, cyberattacks, or accidental deletions won't lead to permanent loss.

Faster recovery

Efficient Disaster Recovery (DR) plans ensure swift restoration of systems and data, minimizing operational disruptions and financial losses.

Increased competitiveness

Businesses with reliable DR strategies demonstrate preparedness and resilience, enhancing their attractiveness to clients and partners.

Compliance with regulations

Many industries have data retention and privacy laws, and backup systems help ensure compliance.

Implementation Timeline

To deliver our enterprise-grade Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solution, we prepare and provision our BDR appliance for your environment. Next, we install it to your business network and complete final configuration to ensure we identify and protect all of your critical business systems and data.

Once your BDR appliance is install, it begins backing up and protecting your systems and data locally, and replicating the backed-up data to the cloud. We continually monitor these backups and replication activities to ensure there are no hiccups or gaps that could create a problem during system or file restores or automatic system virtualization activities.

Fequently Asked Questions

Costs vary depending on your data volume, chosen service features, and preferred storage location. Cloud-based options often have pay-as-you-go models, while on-premises solutions require upfront hardware investment.

  • On-premises: Backups stored on local hardware, offering direct control but limited disaster resilience.
  • Cloud-based: Backups stored in remote data centers, providing greater disaster protection but potential latency issues.
  • Hybrid: Combines on-premises and cloud solutions, offering flexibility and improved resilience.

Yes, even if you have personal backups, a professional DR service offers additional benefits:

  • Expertise: DR specialists design and manage complex systems, ensuring optimal backups and efficient recovery.
  • Advanced features: Services often include automated backups, data encryption, and failover capabilities.
  • Disaster preparedness: DR plans address scenarios beyond data loss, including cyberattacks and natural disasters.
  • Backups alone are enough for disaster recovery. DR involves broader planning and infrastructure.
  • Cloud storage is inherently secure. Look for providers with robust security measures.
  • DR is only for large enterprises. Every business with valuable data needs protection.
  • Backup: Creates copies of your data at regular intervals, allowing you to recover individual files or systems in case of data loss.
  • Disaster recovery: A broader plan encompassing backups, procedures, and infrastructure to restore critical business functions after a major disruption. Backups are a key component of DR, but DR goes beyond just data recovery.

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