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IT Consulting Services

Realize your business vision with enterprise-level technology advisors

Technology Drives Growth

Your business success relies on how quickly and profitably you can achieve your growth goals.

With the right technical expertise and guidance, the time to reach critical business milestones can be accelerated – improving your bottom line.  Our IT consulting services are tailored to eliminate the bottlenecks to business growth by our team of experienced technology specialists.


  • Realize true productivity and growth unhampered by technical challenges
  • Make better informed technology decisions
  • Transform your technology from a cost center to a profit center
  • Realize improved innovation and business growth through proper strategic technology guidance

Leverage the Latest Backup and Recovery Technology for Business Continuity

As a business owner, any situation that impacts staff productivity and business continuity can be considered a disaster in terms of your ability to drive necessary revenue, execute critical tasks, and communicate with clients as well as prospects.


The average time it takes a business to recover from disaster. 43% of companies never totally recover, 51% close within two years and a mere 10% survived over the long-term.

Grexo Can Help

Our BDR solution can help you achieve regulatory compliance, and if any of your services happen to fail, our solution doubles as an on-site virtual server, allowing the speedy restoral of your organization’s productivity while the failure is diagnosed and remediated.

"The average cost of downtime per minute is $11,600!"

- Datto

How it Works

Using image-based backup and hybrid cloud model, our BDR Solution delivers enterprise-grade Data backup, recovery and business continuity for local, virtual and Cloud environments at a small business price.

We install our BDR device to your network, then configure it to provide a bulletproof backup and disaster recovery profile that backs up and protects all of your critical business data. It backs up and protects data locally, then replaces that data to an offsite cloud location for maximum data security.

Our BDR Solution provides full independent system backups and restores, repaid individual file recovery, and the ability to quickly boot individual backups as virtual machines in the event of hardware failure.

BDR backs up critical data locally

Backup data replicated to the Cloud

Individual files can be restored

Failed systems can be booted as virtual machines

Implementation Guideline

To deliver our enterprise-grade Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solution, we prepare and provision our BDR appliance for your environment. Next, we install it to your business network and complete final configuration to ensure we identify and protect all of your critical business systems and data. This first phase of implementation should take no longer than two weeks.

Once your BDR appliance is install, it begins backing up and protecting your systems and data locally, and replicating the backed-up data to the cloud. We continually monitor these backups and replication activities to ensure there are no hiccups or gaps that could create a problem during system or file restores or automatic system virtualization activities.

Prepare and provision your BDR appliance at our facilities prior to deployment. This may take several days to weeks.

Deploy the BDR appliance to your location and perform final configuration and testing. This can take a day to several weeks depending on complexity.

Ongoing monitoring and management of your BDR Solution. This critical monitoring function occurs 24/7 with daily analysis of all backup, replication, restore and virtualization events.

All Hands on Deck

You’ve Never Experienced Customer Service Like This Before

Our support team obsesses over providing excellent service. We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to customer support.

Grexo began with the goal of providing the very best customer experience possible.  No high-pressure sales pitch or tactics – we believe exceptional customer service naturally drives sales.

We track of how long it takes to resolve client challenges. If an IT support request hasn’t been resolved fast enough, all of our expert engineers are alerted, contributing their knowledge until it’s resolved.

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